What’s happening in Cleveland?

For the last few days on our Facebook and Twitter feed we’ve been seeing a lot of buzz surrounding the Cleveland Plan, specifically the suggestion that Teach for America is aggressively replacing experienced teachers with fast-tracked, less experienced ones.

As parents new on the horizon of the state of public education, we wanted to know just “what is wrong with Teach for America?” The short answer is that it’s yet another program great in theory but damaging in implementation.

Replacing seasoned teachers with less experienced ones is, once again, promoting the idea that education is failing and teachers are the problem. PARENTS, WAKE UP! TEACHERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM.

Corporate Education Reform is the problem.

Parents getting educated, standing up, and using their voices are the answer.

Ohio DOE offers “Beach Bags” for reading skills

Geared towards grades 2-3, the Ohio Department of Education’s “Beach Bags” offer summer reading activities for kids facing the third grade guarantee next year.

Educational Community Meeting Agenda

Co-Sponsored by the Washington – Centerville Library and Centerville City Schools

Thursday, June 19, 2014 (7:00 – 8:00 PM)

Cline Elementary Auditorium

99 Virginia Avenue


  1. Welcome

2. Opening Comments

Dr. Tom Lasley – “Learn to Earn”

Senator Peggy Lehner

3. Presentation – Centerville Schools & Washington –Centerville Library

Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Common Core Curriculum

Why parent voices matter

Teachers are having their livelihoods tied to test scores and toeing the line. We don’t have the same restrictions. It’s our duty as parents to speak up for our kids and their teachers.

The deafening silence of teachers