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Ohio: More $ for Charters, Public Schools Get Budget Cut

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There is much talk in Ohio about accountability for charters, but here is the real deal: the governor’s budget has more funding for charters, while half the state’s public school districts get budget cuts. Here is the latest from the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy:

“All charter schools get a funding increase while half of the school districts are cut

The Legislative Service Commission, a non-partisan office controlled by the legislature, has determined that all charter schools will receive an increase under the Governor’s budget proposal, while half of the school districts will be cut.

An article in the February 18 Columbus Dispatch indicates that Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) will receive 11% of all charter school funds by FY 2017. Of course, the ECOT operator contributes extremely large sums to the political campaigns of those in control of the Statehouse.

Kasich budget plan increases funding to all charter…

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BATS: Why You Should Opt Your Child or Your Students Out of Standardized Testing

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This is a terrific short video, created by the BadAss Teachers Association. In images, it simply explains the blight that has descended on American public education because of the misguided policies of George W. Bush, President Obama, and Arne Duncan, because of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top. Lots of kids have been left behind, and the Race to the Top was won by Pearson and McGraw Hill.

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FairTest: Resistance to High-Stakes Testing Continues to Grow Across Nation

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This is the weekly update from FairTest about the movement against high-stakes testing. FairTest has been leading the figh against the misuse and overuse of standardized testing since 1985.

Bob Schaeffer writes:

The “spin” on today’s first story may be a bit ahead of the curve. But the testing resistance and reform movement is making significant progress, as this week’s clips from half of the nation’s 50 states clearly demonstrate. To win even more tangible victories, we have to ratchet up the pressure on policymakers at the federal, state and local levels to significantly reduce testing overuse and end high-stakes standardized exams.

Boycotters Might Be Winning Battle Over Standardized Testing

No Child Left Behind Has Failed

Scholarly Support for Assessment Reform
500+ Researchers Sign Letter to Congress: Stop Test-Driven “Reforms”

Send a Message to Congress Today — Real NCLB Reform = Less Testing + No High-Stakes

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