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  1. Thank you so much for your insightful letter. I recently retired from teaching because the joy had been destroyed. Remember being able to capitalize on “teachable moments” and student interest? I know so many exceptional,dedicated teachers who are looking for opportunities to leave the profression .
    The media and legislators are always worried about where we place in the world in science and math. Then we are compared with countries that only test their college prep students. We force these cruel tests on all children, even those with low cognitive abilities. That is just plain mean! If our education system is so bad, why do students from all over the world try to get in our schools?
    I have had a few of the sixth grade language arts multiple choice questions (sample) read to me and trying to figure them out gave me a headache! It is cruel and inhumane to play these mind games on children.
    However, it has to be a mass movement to opt out. If a child opts out the score is graded as a zero which is then reflected on the teacher’s evaluation score and the districts rating. BUT if it is done enmass I would hope the test would be statistically finished.


  2. I have been hearing my children for weeks talking how they fear this next testing coming up as one especially is very sensitive to the results. If I was to opt out, what are the repercussions that my children may experience?



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