An interesting perspective on the “new” math

CURE has long suggested the only “problem” isn’t Common Core, but rather some of the implementation, especially high-stakes testing. As always, we seek to share information and encourage you to form your own opinions.

3 thoughts on “An interesting perspective on the “new” math

  1. Isn’t Centerville using Singapore math? Isn’t that superior to whatever vanilla Common Core math might be? Isn’t it supported by (nearly?) everyone?


    • From what I understand, CCSS are standards, not curriculum, so by choosing Singapore math, as Centerville has, they have chosen a curriculum that aligns with Common Core Standards. From what I have seen personally, the methods used in Singapore are similar to the trademarked Common Core curriculum. Not sure if Singapore is “superior” or how it differs specifically from CC. Would be a great question for Centerville’s director of curriculum, Jeremy Miller.


  2. I’ve asked a (nationally recognized) critic of Common Core math. He responded that Singapore Math was deficient in providing regular review of earlier topics, but was otherwise exemplary. Students are well-served by the area districts which have adopted Singapore Math. In addition, Singapore Math has long been a widely acknowledged international benchmark.

    I’ve heard some tea-party criticism of Common Core math in a (nearby) Singapore Math district, but nothing substantiated by problematic texts, assignments, or tests.

    Of the millions of dollars spent preparing for Common Core, adoption of Singapore Math is among the most likely to succeed. Those involved deserve thanks on behalf of district schoolchildren.

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