One mom’s letter to Centerville teachers

Dear Centerville Teachers,

When the love of my life rocked my world almost 8 years ago, I had no idea what I was in for. Becoming a mom was the only thing I ever wanted. I was blessed beyond belief to be able to stay home with him and watch him grow. While part of me wanted to keep him all to myself, I knew it was important for him to socialize with other kids. I knew it was healthy for both of us to separate, even for just a few hours.

The first time I dropped him off with you, he was only 18 months old and I was terrified. I stood in the hallway and cried while he did, and even a little after he stopped. You couldn’t see me, but I could hear you. You talked to him, you played with him. You cared for him in my absence and eventually I learned to drop him off without crying. For those few hours you made a difference.

A few years later I took him to preschool. He cried, but you smiled. You held him while I left and let him ease into his new day. You sang with him and introduced him to his musical heart. I knew he was in an environment where he wasn’t just learning to be independent and social, but where he was loved. That meant more to me than I could ever express in words.

Next we moved to the Primary Village for Kindergarten. You put us both right at ease with your energy and spunk. You had three boys of your own so I knew you could handle whatever he could dish out. You inspired his love for birds. His dad deployed for the first time in his young life and you were gentle with his emotions and helped us celebrate dad’s homecoming with cards and signs. You brought stability in a time we needed it most.

Second grade threw him for a loop with a new building and some new challenges. You’ve been patient and kind with both of us. You’ve inspired a love of great stories and the Bengals. Second grade has brought us a team of fantastic educators. An imaginative librarian, creative and hip art teacher, electrifying music teacher, confidence-building reading specialists, and a dedicated, passionate Principal that Does. Not. Quit. You’ve made him love school. And you’ve made it OK for me to let go a little more.

And then there’s the tutor he works with for a learning disability. You don’t work in the district, but you’ve become part of our family. You’ve built my son’s confidence and calmed my nerves. You’ve removed the cobwebs and given him access to his own beautiful mind.You have been a ray of light this year.

What test scores and evaluations can’t show is my heart full of gratitude. Where is the assessment that shows how every day when I send my child, the love of my life, into the care of others, I know with absolute certainty that he is cared for? He is safe. He is inspired. He is encouraged.

And that’s what counts.


With gratitude and respect,


A Centerville Mom


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